Replenishment Planning

Effective and lean planning of a complex multi-tier distribution centric supply chain network.

Syncron Replenishment Planning determines the best balance between customer service levels and inventory in a complex multi-tier supply chain network and automatically replenishes the locations optimally. It reconciles customer demand enabling coordinated control and optimization of a multi-level supply network. Dependent and independent demand can be assessed separately and is automatically aggregated by the system refining the re-ordering levels.

Optimal replenishment with redistribustion possibility

Replenishment orders are automatically recommended based on demand forecasts, safety stock, current stock levels, orders not yet received and back orders. The calculated re-order level triggers the recommended orders, which can then be constrained by shelf-life limitations or supplier/manufacturing minimum batch order quantities.

Syncron Replenishment Planning evaluates the best sourcing option including both vertical and horizontal replenishment. The horizontal replenishment is redistribution of excess inventory, identified by the system, at another warehouse with a location fitting the rules for redistribution in the area. This prevents ordering from the supplier when there is excess stock somewhere else in the supply chain.

Virtual warehouses

For flexibility, a number of warehouses can be defined as a virtual warehouse within your supply chain. This helps you manage products that do not have enough demand to be stocked locally but still a level of demand justifying stocking at some part in the supply chain. Such products are stocked on a virtual level and the replenishment order goes either to the largest facility in the group or to the warehouse with the largest demand.

Pull instead of push

To ensure minimal manual intervention and a faster, automated process, Syncron Replenishment Planning uses global demand plans to create a pull-driven replenishment process. It takes into account existing stocks, planned movements, variable lead times, and any replenishment planning policies.

You gain a real-time, responsive, and adaptive supply chain solution that helps you maximize service, while driving a leaner, more profitable distribution operation.
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