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Do you remember that year when Santa left you clothes under the tree instead of the toy you asked for?
Actually, it was not because you behaved badly that year. Today we can tell you that it was actually due to a picking error. Yes, your toy ended up under the wrong tree and another girl or boy was able to enjoy it.
Mantis further strengthens its presence in North America, by partnering with CindersBay,
Mantis Informatics, Inc., the North American arm of Mantis Group, announced today the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with the Gainesville
Wissmann Group, Israel's largest furniture logistics center opted for Mantis LVS to optimize its new DC
After an extensive survey of the available solutions in the Israeli market Wissmann Group has opted to implement Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite that was supplied and implemented by Mantis's valued partner Complete Business Solutions.
AABTools, the UAE's leading supplier for industrial tools, goes live with Mantis LVS
In this process AABTools trusted Rubicon Solutions to implement Logistics Vision Suite (WMS) by Mantis expecting that LVS will help them minimize the errors during order picking, manage inventory with accuracy, improve services for customers and partners and provide traceability.
PSB, the largest wholesalers' network of building materials in Poland chose LVS for its e-commerce warehouse
Due to the dynamic development of its e-commerce channel, PSB Group decided to expand the existing dedicated warehouse to cover the aforementioned needs.
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