ant Technologies – the leading systems integrator of Russian IT-solutions in logistics area - finalized its pilot voice control system (Voice-Directed Distribution) integration at the warehouse of 3PL operator “Logistic Plus”.

Logistic Plus is engaged in safe storage, warehouse lease and high-rate 3PL service provision. The group of companies comprises a number of major goods distributors of FMCG in central Ukraine. The Company acts as an exclusive supplier of top world producers UNILEVER, L'OREAL, SC Johnson, Beiersdorf, BIC, АРНЕСТ , BENCKISER, GlaxoSmithKline within the distribution network infrastructure of Kiev, Cherkassy, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir and regional networks.

Due to dynamic development of logistic services and relevancy of warehouse management optimization “Logistic Plus” resolved to launch a pilot project to test voice technologies at the class “A” warehouse complex with the area of 9000 sq.m.

Since 2008 ant Technologies has been providing warehouse management process automation services to the aforementioned logistic company. The pilot project of Voice-Directed Distribution solution, produced by Vocollect, was launched as of 12 March 2012 and finished 16 March 2012. Within the terms of co-work the specialists of ant Technologies and “Logistic Plus” tested the system and processed information on warehousing activities at one of the warehouses (74 m long working pass, the number of working passes– 9, the number of active positions – 420, goods – household chemicals, cosmetics, type of package – carton box, package weight – from 0.5 to 15 kg, medium weight of packaged pallet – 600 kg. 

The project comprised two major stages: initial stage and testing stage. At the initial stage ant Technologies customized and integrated the voice solution with WMS-system Logistic Vision Suite, and held the customer’s staff training, followed by 4-hour end user training; subsequently the warehouse employees established a sound and comprehensive working cycle.

The effectiveness was assessed based on figures of RF terminal + trolley, RF terminal + electrocar and Pick By Voice + electrocar as compared to standard (estimate) picking rates.

The following figures were submitted by the Customer:

RF terminal + manual pallet jack: “In certain situations the picker failed to meet the estimated time: no hands-free operation, he spent much time for information input in RF terminal, it was quite difficult to move with packed pallet. Aggregate loss of time per shift made 18.71%.”
RF terminal + electrocar: “The picker worked ahead of estimated time. No hands-free operation, the employee spent time for information input in RF terminal. Time savings rates varied depending on task complexity. Aggregate time-saving per shift with this type of picking made 11.11% of the estimated time”.
Pick By Voice + electrocar: “The picker worked ahead of estimated time. Hands-free operation, no time-consuming information input in RF terminal. Time savings rates varied depending on task complexity. Aggregate time-saving per shift with this type of picking made 43.75% of the estimated time and 29.99% of the picking using “RF terminal + electrocar”.
As it was pointed out by Sergei Stupak, Head of warehouse complex “Logistic plus”: “We are completely satisfied with the outcome of Vocollect Voice pilot project. We consider it expedient to apply Pick By Voice technology at our warehouse”.

 This pilot project proved the expediency of voice technologies application in warehouse environment. Owing to Vocollect Voice the box pick rates of a warehouse employee raised by 30%.

Voice solution is extremely effective due to absence of any TDE-related activities (information reading from TDE-display, scanning of unit /goods, non-availability of hands-free operation options, work with TDE keyboard). Voice-controlled operation is mainly based on voice messages, provisionally recorded in the system. The program identifies the operator’s voice and digitalizes the information in data format.

Voice-control technology covers all the system integration expenses within very short terms. The comparison of pick operations based on scanning and voice control prove the efficiency of voice control with the possible revenues obtained within the first year of operation and the return of funds within 9 – 10 months.   

About “Logistic Plus”: “Logistic Plus” has been holding its market position in the Ukraine for more than 12 years. The company’s scope of activities comprises safekeeping, warehouse lease and high-rate 3PL services. The company is engaged in FMCG goods distribution in the central region of the Ukraine. Territories covered: Kiev and Kiev region, Cherkassy, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir and regional infrastructure. Company’s key business partners: UNILEVER, L'OREAL, SC Johnson, Beiersdorf, BIC, АРНЕСТ, BENCKISER, GlaxoSmithKline.


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