Energysystems and Technologies

With a view of warehouse business processes optimization and subsequent competitive recovery "Energy systems and Technologies" introduced a new warehouse management system - Logistics Vision Suite.

ant Technologies, the leading Russian integrator of IT solutions for logistic business, successfully implemented the project of complete integrated automation of "Energy systems and Technologies” warehouse.

"Energy systems and Technologies” is the major Russian producer of lighting facilities, light-emissive devices and lamps under ТМ Camelion, electrical products under trademark VOLSTEN and one of the major distributors of power supply equipment in the Russian market. The company owns office and warehouse premises in Moscow region, with the warehouse area exceeding 7 000 sq.m and storage capacity of more than 12 000 cu.m. The list of goods stored and shipped by the company is quite extensive: lamps, lights, electrical products, flashlights, primary batteries, accumulators, rechargers, watch and special batteries, etc.

In the course of its commercial development "Energy systems and Technologies” faced increased demand in warehousing activities and extension of scope of activities related to inventory accounting. With a view of warehouse business processes optimization and subsequent competitive recovery the company launched a warehouse management system project, corresponding to all up-to-date requirements. ant Technologies - the company with long-term experience in WMS-system Logistics Vision Suite introduction at various warehouses – acted as a supplier and integrator of the system. The choice of product and solution was mainly based on minimum owning cost, which presupposes simple and cost-effective future adapting and configuration of the system using customer’s resources. In this regard Logistics Vision Suite, based on modern business standards, comprehensive settings and adaptation, is considered to be flexible and fully corresponding to the requirements set. Furthermore this system has extensive supplementary performance features and due to its modular architecture can be integrated on a step-by-step basis with stepwise introduction of new tasks. Consequently the customer can have a strong IT-platform, contributing to its further business development.

In the course of the project Logistics Vision Suite was adapted to the client’s business tasks, which further contributed to computerization of warehouse logistic processes (including complete goods processing cycle, marking, repacking and assortment). The user license was embedded at 15 simultaneously running working places. Within the project the Logistics Vision Suite was integrated with the Customer’s accounting system 1C. The specialists of Study and Support center of ant Technologies conducted a comprehensive training of management and warehouse staff, who use the system and equipment on permanent basis.

Within 6 months the company observed a considerable raise of overall performance rates and cost-effective tendency in warehouse goods processing, increase of staff work output and depot capacity, more efficient and expeditious order batching and less time-consuming document drawing procedure.

About “Energy systems and Technologies”:

“Energy systems and Technologies” is the top Russian producer of electrical goods and lighting facilities. In 1991 the company started its business with sales and delivery of batteries in the Russian market. Currently “Energy systems and Technologies” has exclusive rights for promotion of CAMELION and VOLSTEN trademarks both in RF and CIS. The company entered top lighting facilities market players.
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