Capital Logistic

«Capital Logistic» - logistic operator provides a full range of services for storing, forwarding and delivery of goods in the territory of Belorusia. The Company owns A class warehouse complex, occupying two buildings with a total area of 9000 square meters, with a capacity of about 10000 pallets, equipped by high-rise rack equipment, providing services for custody of cargo in pieces, boxes and on pallets.
The new center, which vast territory provides parking for 60 trucks, twenty-four-hour operation of the warehouse 7 days a week, convenient location of the Center – city of Minsk, 5th km of the Ring Road provide high intensity of traffic, which requires efficient processing of orders in the shortest possible time.

Operation of the warehouse, based on paper technology, inefficient use of storage space did not provide the company with necessary capacity while processing warehouse operations.
Management of «Capital Logistic» Company make a decision of necessary automation of the warehouse complex and announced a tender for selecting an appropriate warehouse management system.
The main criteria for choosing a product was a positive experience in realization of such scale projects, small owning cost of the product, simpleness of adaptation of the system to the customers' requirements, wide functionality.

After visiting the warehouse of Ukrainian 3PL operator, where since 2008 IT-solution realized by ant Technologies successfully operates, a decision for implementation of WMS-system Logistics Vision Suite was made.

As a result of the work over the project the specialist of ant Technologies carried out the adjustment of the system for automation of all the logistic processes in the warehouse complex, including reception, placement, reservation, renewal, packing and shipment of goods taking into account specific features of the topology of the warehouse. The selection area was transferred into a parallel zone of selection, which immediately sped up the process of selection and complement of goods. WMS-solution is integrated with 1C accounting system of the enterprise having ability of reports uploading.
The work for the development of specific patterns has been done:

By means of Logistics Vision Suite the process for accounting individual requirements of customers of warehouse operators are automated:

Installation of user licenses is carried for 25 simultaneously operating workplaces.
Since the start of operation of the system the implemented project has shown the following positive results: the speed of processing of goods increased, the number of mistakes being made by the personnel reduced.

Training of the personnel for the work with the system and equipment, carried out by the specialists of the Training-and-Consulting Center of ant Technologies for administrative and warehouse personnel, allowed in a short time to organize the work of the personnel, engaged in the work with the solution.

Due to a high flexibility of the system, the modular architecture of Logistics Vision Suite, allowing to implement new application as needed, «Capital Logistic» plans to expand its service package by means of installation of Logistics Billing billing system, with the help of wich the program will carry out service rating and issue invoices for each customer of the warehouse complex particularly.

Under the conditions of dynamic development of the business «Capital Logistic» Company consider the possibility of expanding the range of services and moving to a new larger warehouse area. ant Technologies will continue to partner with the logistic operator in the field of automation of the new warehouse on the base of the implemented WMS-solution with the purpose of optimization of the installed system for business process of the new expanded warehouse complex.

About «Capital Logistic» Company: “Capital Logistic” Company is a logistic operator, which provides services for controlling cargo flows, stocks in the distribution network and in supply chains, services for custody and warehouse processing of cargoes in the territory of Belorusia.

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