WMS Logistic Vision Suite Deployed at the Warehouse of BRAZIS Logistics, a 3PL Operator


Ant Technologies has completed the latest in the series of projects in the 3PL market – automation of a warehouse complex of a logistics company “BRAZIS Logistics”, based on the WMS system Logistic Vision Suite.

Part of the BRAZIS group of companies, BRAZIS Logistics provides specialty storage and cargo processing services of any level of complexity, at its Class A warehouse facility. BRAZIS Logistics has recently put in operation the first segment of a new warehouse complex in the town of Vidnoe near Moscow, featuring storage area of 12000 sq. m., storage capacity of 22000 pallet spaces, and a mezzanine area of 1000 sq. m. This warehouse provides storage for groceries, household chemicals, footwear, replacement parts, machinery and consumables. Services of the warehouse complex include merchandise storage, processing of heavy duty and light duty transport, and merchandise sorting and repackaging. The distinguishing features of the warehouse complex include a large assembly area and widened alleys (for wide load machinery) which, working in tandem, enable quicker merchandise processing.

BRAZIS Logistics was meticulous in selecting both the software and its integration services provider, having considered six WMS systems of the leading Russian and foreign developers, in the course of the tender process. Based on the results of the tender process, ant Technologies was selected as the company offering the most optimal solution in terms of its functionality, a solution based on world-class warehouse management system Logistic Vision Suite. Along with the functional capabilities of the system, the company took into account positive experience of Logistic Vision Suite utilization at warehouse facilities of the leading logistics providers in the Russian market. Furthermore, the selected WMS received the most positive feedback from BRAZIS Logistics’ own experts who have experience of working with various WMS systems.

In the course of the project, ant Technologies’ experts deployed Warehouse Vision (20 user licenses), which is a central component of Logistic Vision Suite that performs full functional control of all basic warehouse operations. Also, an additional billing module necessary for 3PL business was installed to enable payment processing for the clients of the warehouse complex. As the warehouse acquires new clients, ant Technologies’ experts will configure the system to process their merchandise.

About BRAZIS Logistics:

The BRAZIS (www.brazis.ru) group of companies was founded in 1992 upon the merger of a Moscow-based trading company and a Novorossiysk-based manufacturing and logistics company, for purposes of optimizing business processes and enabling a comprehensive approach to serving the few clients they had at the time.

Today the BRAZIS group of companies is a collection of highly competitive independent enterprises with thousands of employees and a good reputation amongst their business partners. They conduct business in a variety of fields of production, trading and services, focusing on achieving and retaining leadership within their respective markets.

In 2008 member company BRAZIS Logistics ( www.brazislogistics.ru) has put in operation the first segment of a new warehouse complex in the town of Vidnoe near Moscow, featuring 22000 pallet spaces. A seasoned team of logisticians with over ten years of experience in the field, and introduction of leading logistics technology into their business operations have been instrumental to the company’s success. Client roster of BRAZIS Logistics includes major companies such as MasterTrade, Pepsi, and Bris-Bosfor.

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