Transport Logistic Group Eurosib announces application of Logistic Vision Suite software to operate own termional network


Group EUROSIB, one of Russian transport-logistic majors, together with ant Technologies software company announced  launch of software application based on an international class WMS  Logistic Vision Suite, product of Mantis Informatics S.A., Greece, to maintain EUROSIB’s network of logistic terminals.

EUROSIB operates in Saint Petersburg since 2006. The first terminal in the network is “EUROSIB-Predportovy”. The second logistic terminal “EUROSIB-Shushary” will be opened in the last quarter of 2007 , the “EUROSIB-Novosibirsk” terminal in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, will be included in the network in the beginning of 2008.  Until 2012 the terminal network of EUROSIB will contain 10 logistic terminals around Russia, at the Chinese border, and abroad.

The application of Logistic Vision Suite at the new logistic terminal “EUROSIB-Shushary”, say company’s IT specialists, will be a full scale test work for the technologies of an computerized management of the terminal for the follow-up in the terminal network, what will make possible for the company to respond to the needs of western customers and will make EUROSIB a complete 3PL operator. According to the opinions of the analytics in the Russian transport-logistic, market Russian companies provide to the date mostly 1PL and 2PL services.

Alexander Gorodetskiy, managing director of “EUROSIB-Terminal” an affiliate of the Group EUROSIB - «The main criteria of choice for us became: a modern IT product with an functional enhancement possibility. Besides a pivoting point in the decision became the adaptivity to the business operations EUROSIB's terminal business, especially the possibility to get the transparency of the logistic operations as even as in the warehouse as in the container yard. Also quite important for us  is the broad scope of utilities making it possible to maintain the possibility to manage the cargo processing, including data exchange with clients what is really crucial in our market today. Logistic Vision Suite in an optimal way suits the demands of our company. The solution provider - ant Technologies- has a respective experience in the application of the system, the comprehensive expertise and highly qualified personnel to maintain the project”

Now EUROSIB is constructing a logistic center in the Shushary industrial zone (Saint Petersburg), which is planned as a multimodal complex with a full scale of logistic services, including delivery, processing and dispatch of containerized cargo by truck and rail, container storage, warehouse services. Customs services etc. The terminal includes a warehouse complex of 30 000 sq.м. and the ant Technologies staff will automate a container yard of 4 Ha and capacity of 1, 5 K. containers –all these working zones.

The solution provider was chosen on the base of a closed tender, which was attended by 4 largest Russian WMS integrators Only the ant Technologies could form a comprehensive offer, responding to sound tender criteria, and corresponding with functional requirements of an integrated business-process of a warehouse complex and a container yard

«We see this project as a next turn in the development process of our company-, a remark of Alexander Usov, ant Technologies' CEO. – At the moment, there aren’t any successful finished projects in the market of such kind, which could manage in a centralized way the warehouse complex and a container yard. The new generation system Logistic Vision Suite, a base for the provided solution made by our staff is quite flexible and adaptive to respond the whole range of functionality needed by EUROSIB”.

The solution includes the module Warehouse Vision of the Logistic Vision Suite, which will allow maintaining the intellectual management of the full range of basic warehousing operations to process the cargo flow (acceptance, placement, selection, packaging and dispatch) according to the peculiarities of the 3PL logistics – adaptation for every individual business process and the demand of every cargo owner. The billing system will provide tariff bills accounting the amount of service provided to the customer The CMS module to maintain the container yard manages the free space processing, the container data, the acceptance, the placement strategies, the consolidation and re-consolidation of containerized cargo and the shipment of containers. The reporting module will allow getting the status reports of every grade of complexity giving the profile of the cargo owner and operations with containers.

Within a project is provided the production of interface and the integration of Logistic Vision Suite into the common IT environment of EUROSIB. Integral parts of the project are also the consulting services by the ant Technologies experts in terms of analyse and optimization of the business-processes of the logistic center.

At the final stage of the project, the ant Technologies will make schooling for the  EUROSIB staff in company’s own training center to maintain the new system.

The launch of the system into daily operation is planned for November 2007.

About EUROSIB Group Transportation business

EUROSIB counts among largest Russian transport-logistic companies, commands a rolling stock of 10 500. In 2006 the turnover of EUROSIB Group transport companies made 469, 4 Mln. USD. To learn about Group EUROSIB

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