TLC Group’s Warehouse Network to Be Managed with Logistic Vision Suite


ant Technologies and Trans Logistic Consult Group, an integrated logistics service provider, are launching a warehouse automation project based on Logistic Vision Suite WMS.

Trans Logistic Consult Group is a nationwide customs broker and forwarder with multiple branches in Moscow and other industrially developed Russian regions. The company is expanding its logistics and warehousing services to all major cities in the country. By deploying a computerised warehouse management system, TLC Group expects to gain a competitive edge through higher quality of customer service, accelerated order processing, and more efficient use of its warehousing capacity.

The first project site is the company’s warehouse in North Domodedovo Logistic Park (11 kilometres from the Moscow Ring Road). The cargo warehouse has an area of 38,720 square metres and a capacity of 64,232 pallets.

After studying bids received from several WMS integrators globally, Trans Logistic Consult Group chose Logistic Vision Suite as its warehouse automation platform. The system will be rolled out by ant Technologies, which has successfully implemented many similar projects for major 3PL providers. The decisive factors for choosing Logistic Vision Suite were its proven roll-out methodology, flexible architecture, and scalability.

ant Technologies’ team will provide a full range of services, including business process formalisation consulting, system integration, equipment installation, technical support, personnel training, and warranty / post-warranty service.

The central part of the project is deployment of Warehouse Vision, the core module of Logistic Vision Suite. Bearing in mind that the warehouse has customers with differing business processes, ant Technologies will implement multiple individual settings. The scope of automation will include acceptance, cargo storing and shipping, FIFO cargo handling (based on shelf life, batch number, and serial number), optimised allocation and picking, and reporting procedures.

More functionality will be added at a later stage with a billing module and a reporting module, which can generate reports of any complexity for individual customers and transactions. Logistic Vision Suite will be integrated with 1C accounting system used by the customer. The project envisages 65 computerised workstations. Besides, ant Technologies will supply and install the necessary hardware such as Wi-Fi LAN access points, Zebra label printers, and Motorola (Symbol) data collection terminals.

ant Technologies will also train the customer’s staff to use the system.

During the next five years, Trans Logistic Consult Group will commission new major warehousing facilities in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, and Novosibirsk. The company plans to install Logistic Vision Suite in each of its new warehouses.

About Trans Logistic Consult Group:

TLC Group ( was created by shareholders of Trans Logistics Consult in May 2006 for the purpose of developing a large-scale integrated logistic services network. Within two years, the group is going to launch operations in new class A warehouses in Moscow (North Domodedovo) and St Petersburg (Kolpino). The total capacity of the warehouses is 60,000 square metres or 100,000 pallets, and they are owned by Eurasia Group. The respective lease agreements are signed for 10-year terms.

TLC Group is responsible for strategic management, promotion methodology, and marketing of the network. The quality of warehouse logistic services provided by TLC Group’s management teams has already been appreciated by Liggett-Ducat, Tehnosila, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, Unilever, ICI, ESP GmbH, Reemtsma, Stollwerck Rus, Electrichesky Mir, Johnson & Johnson, Select Foods International, Gillette, Seita, and other customers.

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