The electrical company Mireks selects Logistics Vision Suite and ant Technologies



Mireks group is the largest supplier electrical products on Khabarovsk and Primorskiy territories. Company owns retail and distributive network of European producers. Company was established in 2003. 

The warehouse of Mireks company is situated in Khabarovsk with a total area of 3500 sq.m. is used for handling and storing electrical products different size and cable products. The warehouse operates in different temperature conditions, depends on change of seasons.

The project of implementation Logistics Vision Suite system started in 2013. The system was customized for 15 concurrent users. It was done according to specific warehouse topology and special goods.

In the process was configured the possibility working with cable products, using apparatus for cable coiling, were implemented algorithms for accounting the physical properties of the cable for working in the winter period and storage small goods, was implemented the tabular integration Logistics Vision Suite with 1C system.

The employees of Mireks company received training for working and administration of the implemented Logistics Vision Suite. 

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