Successful Deployment of the Logistics Vision Suite WMS System at the Osinovaya Rosha Logopark


The Osinovaya Rosha logopark occupies an area of 60 hectares and has a highly developed modern infrastructure.  Located within the premises of the logopark are dry storage, low-temperature storage, and outdoor storage warehouses, a veterinary station, a container site, and temporary storage facilities. The refrigerated warehouse complex at the Osinovaya Rosha logopark was designed using cutting-edge warehousing logistics technologies to provide a comprehensive range of quality hi-tech services.

In selecting the system for automation of warehouse operations, the designers relied on the criteria for Class A standard modern warehouse complexes, which meant expectations of the highest order of the software product and its supplier.  “We examined the solutions offered in the marketplace,” says Zaporotskov V.V., the Osinovaya Rosha logopark’s commercial director. “The Logistics Vision Suite WMS system earned a reputation of the best professional-grade product in logistics operations management at the major secure storage warehouses in Russia. This system has the required functionality and can be customized to solve specific problems; it supports operations with MS SQL DBMS and can be customized for compatibility with Oracle; the system also includes innovative tools based on visualization of business processes. Another important consideration for us was the system’s modern architecture, which will enable support and maintenance for the project with our own resources.”

As part of the project, ant Technologies’ specialists completed automation of some 60 parallel workstations; the deployment of Warehouse Vision, the system’s base module that covers all typical warehouse operations, as well as the ABC module.  The ABC software module is designed to optimize the arrangement of goods stored at the warehouse based on the methodology of ABC analysis.  The module’s functionality enables calculation of the goods’ departure rates based on analysis of prior time periods, and generation of commands to relocate the goods based on the calculated rates.  The ABC module thus enables reduction in warehouse personnel travel, as well as the labor intensity of goods selection operations.

Another package deployed at the complex was the billing system that is essential for operations of a logistics services provider.  The Logistics Billing module ensures complete control over the scope of operations performed and enables generation and maintenance of the documentation and detailed reports on all warehouse operations performed.

The Logistics Vision Suite system is integrated with weighing equipment; thus, with the use of specially developed algorithms, the processes of acceptance and arrangement of goods by weight are automated, and weight control is performed in selection operations.  The system has also been integrated with the goods storage shuttle systems.

As part of the project, and in a joint effort with a group of specialists from the Osinovaya Rosha logopark, a unique integration task was accomplished between the Logistics Vision Suite WMS system and the Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP system – in addition to the standard data exchange interface, a billing system interface was deployed, whereby information can be exchanged on 3PL services provided, price lists, periodic billing reports, and client invoices.

About the Osinovaya Rosha logopark:


The clients are offered a wide range of cargo storage and processing services within the premises of a multi-functional logistics complex equipped in accordance with Class A terminal standards.

On October 29, 2010, the Class A refrigerated warehouse complex with an area of 15,000 m² was officially commissioned.  In 2011 the second phase of the dry storage warehouse with a total area of 12,000 m² will be ready to accommodate client needs.

The infrastructural, technical and human resources of the Osinovaya Rosha logopark are designed to process 10,000 units of cargo transport per month.

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