Strauss Group is using module LVS KPI Monitoring System


Strauss Group is a big international food company. In 1992 Strauss Group started to operate in Russia and offered broad variety sorts of coffee, such as TOTTI CAFE, Black Card, Ambassador, Elite Health Line, Le Café, FORT.

WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) runs on the Strauss’ warehouse since 2006.  During project LVS was installed and adapted to Strauss' warehousing processes and also needed implementing the following extra capabilities:

  • Receiving from production areas with "a single scan"
  • Stock rotation and management based on production and expiration dates
  • Specialized customer-oriented order processing
  • Processing defective goods and goods returned according to customers' demands
  • The need for special certificates and scanned documents was covered through the implementation of the special module "packet print".

By specialists ant Technologies was implemented module LVS KPI Monitoring System. It estimates the work efficient of warehousing employees. KPI Monitoring System is a flexible tool, developed for modeling and management by key performance. 

KPI Monitoring System forms different reports, like these:

  • Quality of warehouse’ work
  • Goods turnover 
  • Goods expiration date
  • Warehouse storage capacity 
  • Warehouse operations efficiency: picking, shipping, goods relocation, replenishment, placement, goods receiving and etc.

The complex using of family of extended software Logistics Vision Suite makes possible to reduce the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure and increase the warehouse management efficiency. 

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