Strauss Group chooses Logistics Vision Suite to manage warehouse operations


Strauss Group chooses Logistics Vision Suite to manage its warehouse operationsStrauss Group is a big international food company. The Group is active in 24 countries and produces goods on the 26 own factories. The main international business focuses on the coffee production. 

Strauss has a leading position in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Israel and Brazil. 

In 1992 Strauss Group started to operate in Russia and offered broad variety sorts of coffee, such as TOTTI CAFE, Black Card, Ambassador, Elite Health Line, Le Café, FORT.

In addition to activity in the retail market, Strauss provides services and solutions for coffee consumption away-from-home (AFH), mainly to HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafes) and working places.

Strauss managers and develops its business using modern IT-technology and has grown to become one of most successful company in the world.

For increasing efficiency warehousing operations Strauss starts the project implementation of WMS Logistics Vision Suite. The general square of warehouse consists of 6000 sq.m. 

WMS Logistics Vision Suite was customized according to individual needs of customer. 

It allows controlling the warehousing processes fully. Further to default setting warehousing operations the functional of WMS system was broaden by the extra processes:

  • Receiving from production with “one scan”
  • Management good stocks in according to the date of production or expiration dates
  • Control of expiration dates (FEFO, FIFO) 
  • Order processing taking into account the customers features
  • The working with the defective goods and return goods according to the customers’ demands

For working with certificates and scanned documents there was implemented the module “packet print”. The customer warehouse was equipped by mobile computers Motorola end printers Zebra. By the module Logistics Link Manager WMS LVS was integrated with management system 1C. 

Among the plans for the near future, there is the install of WMS Logistics Vision Suite on the raw material warehouse.

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