Multi-temperature warehouse MX LOGISTIC goes with Logistics Vision Suite


MX Logistics Company is a logistic operator offering the full storage service in the multi-temperature warehouse located in Moscow. Unique character of facility – the single A class multi-temperature storage facility in Moscow providing the simultaneous food storage in five different temperature ranges: +15°С, +6 +8°С, +2 +4°С, -2 +2°С, -18°С -25°С. Multi-temperature storage includes several zones working in different temperature conditions: low-temperature, medium-temperature, universal cell, mezzanine. The receiving and outbound zones are separate, total number of docks - 19, cargo handling - 4500 tons a day. 
MX LOGISTIC offers next services of responsible storage of the goods:
  • Acceptance and delivery of products to our warehouse
  • Regular deliveries to outlets of different Moscow retail networks
  • Deliveries to shopping centers of any format: showrooms, markets, wholesalers, public catering establishments 24-hour 7-day deliveries in Moscow and Moscow region 
  • Delivery to outlets of federal retail networks (regional transportation)
  • Transfer, acceptance and return of goods in an outlet
  • Forwarding services
  • Execution of a full set of supporting and accompanying documents and further return of the duly executed set of documents from the shopping center
  • Tracking of goods at all stages of transportation
  • Insurance

MX-LOGISTIC has selected Logistics Vision Suite for managing warehouse processes offered by ant Technologies. In the course of project was implemented Logistics Vision Suite on the 20 work places with strong considering different temperature ranges of storage. 

Picking and shipping goods were realized via FIFO, FEFO methods, was implemented the print module, was realized the operations with weight goods, with different packaging. LVS provides full control over all business-process in on-line. Customer is able to know the quantity of goods from his corporate system. 

Intelligent lighting system was installed in all zones of multi-temperature warehouse that illuminates only routes of the stockpicker or the storeman on their way. It is achieved by integration of LVS and intelligent lighting system. Logistics Vision Yard is used for automation yard operations, managing vehicles activity.
MX-LOGISTIC positive appreciates LVS functionality and implementation “Automation of storage process has made possible us to achieve high speed operations, reduce the influence of human factor. We can always offer the high quality service, efficiency and flexibility to realization necessary task." 

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