MGL METRO GROUP LOGISTICS integrates WMS Logistics Vision Suite


The company ant Technologies and “MGL METRO GROUP LOGISTICS” announce start-up of WMS Logistics Vision Suite on the distribution centre in Noginsk. 

MGL METRO GROUP LOGISTICS is logistic services provider for Metro Group trade branches (shops METRO Cash & Carry, Media Markt), engaged in warehouse and platform management, freight handling, service rendering to the suppliers at reasonable prices. The goods range includes non-foods, dairy products, deep freeze products, fruits and vegetables. The company is also engaged in direct import of goods handled at the central import warehouse. The retailer’s top-priority task in terms of logistics is due management of goods, information and cash flows in order to ensure timely delivery to the corresponding destination at minimal costs. The company reaches the stated aim via efficient supply chain. In order to optimize the logistic chain and raise the sales volume various delivery schemes to METRO distribution centers are used depending on the type of goods. 

At this stage the Logistics Vision Suite is integrated on the platforms with BBxD technology, ensuring scheduling of the expected input distribution and commodity stock location management in case of shortage, grading of the goods accepted along the shipment routes, omitting the storage function. At this warehousing stage the supplier gets one consolidated order from all METRO trade centers and independently delivers the order to the distribution center, where the goods are distributed according to the order of each trade center and subsequently delivered to the place of destination. The total number of boxes processed in these areas with intense logistic schedule may exceed 250 000 items per day. The selection process is arranged under pick-by-line system (goods distribution without storage arrangement), which contributes to high inventory turnover ratio.

The process is further supplemented with the paper and shipping documentation technologies option. In the process of Logistics Vision Suite integration at METRO facilities the specialists adjusted the exchange interface between WMS LVS, ERP with batch printing option. BBxD scheme turned to be highly efficient, which is proven by high sales growth rates, delivery frequency increase and improvement of customer support services. High-performance WMS-system Logistics Vision Suite, customized in terms of process management, meeting the requirements related to goods treatment and storage at Metro Group, is used to decrease the logistical costs in supply chain and optimize the supply procedures to the trade network shops, supporting the international retailer development strategy. 

In terms of the project the yard management module (YARD) has been developed and integrated as well as voice technology for certain platforms.

MGL METRO GROUP LOGISTICS is the logistic services provider for trade branches of Metro Group (shops METRO Cash & Carry, Media Markt). Major activities: warehousing and transportation services. MGL complex is located at LC warehouses with the total floor area making 75 000 sq.m. and includes the cross-dock warehouses as well as the warehouses for full range of food and non-food products, deep freeze products, fruits and vegetables, fish and alcoholic beverages. 


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