Logistics Vision Suite to manage an office supplies warehouse


Ant Technologies has commenced implementation of the project entailing deployment of the Logistics Vision Suite WMS system at the warehouse of the Relef Center company (www.relef.ru) – a major distributor of office supplies, stationary and office equipment, from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The company’s distribution center is 8,500 sq. m. in size and is located in Ryazan, next to federal highway M5 (Ural), and has its own railway extension, which allows the company to provide quality service to clients that include wholesale and retail companies from Belarus to the Far East.

The company pays close attention to providing high quality service through use of efficient warehousing and cargo processing technologies.  This is why the company, which already has the experience of interacting with a number of warehouse business process automation IT solution providers, was exceptionally meticulous in approaching the selection of a reliable partner, for the Warehouse Management System deployment project.

The Logistics Vision Suite system by ant Technologies was selected by Relef Center after evaluating a number of important factors such as: the flexibility of the system, which allows to set up business processes taking into account the specifics of company’s business activities, the experience of operating the system at major Russian distribution warehouses, the competency of the solution provider in implementing piece goods handling processes, the capability to expand the system’s functionality in response to emergence of new needs.

The deployment of the Logistics Vision Suite system will allow Relef Center to:

  • cut down the time required to receive merchandise, and process a larger volume of merchandise by implementing a parallel reception process; 
  • use the floor and shelf storage zone efficiently, having optimized the merchandise allocation and handling processes; 
  • ensure a high level of accuracy in piece goods handling; 
  • increase the speed and accuracy of order assembly, ensure route-based consolidation of orders; 
  • ensure timely deliveries to company’s clients as well as its own retail stores; 
  • lower the impact of the human factor and increase the productivity of employees’ work and of the warehouse complex as a whole. 
The Logistics Vision Suite WMS system will be rolled out for 50 users. Company’s plans concerning completion of warehouse system deployment include continued automation of other logistics processes within the company – in the area of planning and monitoring of warehouse resources, as well as the use of modern merchandise voice selection methods. 

About Relef Center: the Relef Center company was founded in 1999. Clients of the company are wholesale and retail firms from Belarus to the Far East. The company represents brands such as Berlingo, Trodat, Faber-Castell, Koh-i-Nor, BIC, Parker, Xerox, HP, Henkel, Hatber, and many others, on the Russian market. The head office is in the city of Ryazan, and the company has branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza, Tula, the Mari El Republic, as well as a chain of 16 regional Kantsler retail stores.  The product range of Relef Center LLC includes over 8,000 items of office supplies, stationary, and office equipment, from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.

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