Logistics Vision Suite manages the work of “Universal Logistic” pharmaceutical warehouse


ant Technologies announces a successful completion of the project on WMS-system Logistics Vision Suite implementation at the warehouse of the logistics department of the Ukrainian medical goods distributor “Universal Logistic”

«Universal Logistic» is the premium distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical goods in Ukraine. The company offers to customers high quality services, reliable technologies, high-tech modern equipment, well-qualified personnel, location of warehouse complex. The wide range of domestic and foreign products is provided with a big storage capacity, allowing offering competitive prices to the customers. Today, the company "Universal Logistic" cooperates with more than 100 foreign and 70 Ukrainian medicinal goods manufacturers.

"Universal Logistic" offers to customers the services of warehouse logistics. The new pharmaceutical warehouse, with a total area of 6400 sq.m, is divided into 10 separate sections, 2 of them are allocated for a customs-licensed warehouse, the others – for a consignment warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with racking, convenient possibility of mezzanine storage is provided, it is also equipped with a balanced ventilation system, temperature and humidity control system, refrigerators; there are several products storage temperature requirements.

The Logistics Vision Suite WMS system was chosen as a warehouse management system. The choice of Logistics Vision Suite and ant Technologies was determined by the following criteria: implementation and  possession cost ratio, popularity of the decision with logistic operators, functionality of system, possibility of fast and high-quality system adaptation for the current and planned business needs, integrator's matured experience.

The Logistics Vision Suite adjustment was made according to specific warehouse topology and warehouse complex work features, partitioned storage of goods for each client; possibility of use of double depth racks is considered; the system takes into account the parameters of the handling equipment, capable to move 2 pallets at once, keeps a record of every depositary, runs reports on goods flow. The system is adjusted for the work of 15 parallel users; integration of Logistics Vision Suite with ERP-system JD Edwards is executed. Considering stringent requirements of pharmaceutical enterprise to the package of accompanying documents, the experts of ant Technologies developed and implemented the batch printing module allowing the operator to print simultaneously the necessary documents on the selected preparations with specified sorting sequence of sheets. 

The project commenced in July, 2102.  In the course of implementation, the specialists of "Universal Logistic" completed a training course for Logistics Vision Suite, at the test period completion, the system was put into commercial operation; in November, the warehouse started to operate full out.
"Universal Logistic" director, Anastasia Romanova, takes a favorable view of the implementation project:  "Introduction of a warehouse management system Logistics Vision Suite allowed us to computerize all warehouse business processes and to tackle the most important tasks of a pharmaceutical warehouse: to render the tenants a full range of warehouse services in conformity with license provisions of pharmaceutical warehouse management".

About «Universal Logistic»:
"Universal Logistic" is the logistic operator of the premium distributor of medical goods in Ukraine. It provides services of the pharmaceutical warehouse, full range of warehouse cargo handling services, transportation services, declaring the goods at the customs and storing the goods under customs control services.  

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