Logistic Vision Suite to be Deployed at TBN Logistic Group’s Warehouse


ant Technologies has launched a project to deploy Logistic Vision Suite at a new warehouse of Warehouse To You (W2U), a subsidiary of TBN Logistic Group.

TBN Logistic Group ( www.tbngroup.com) comprises five companies headquartered in Moscow, Hamburg and Lahti and offering the whole range of transportation, forwarding and logistic services. W2U’s new Class A warehouse complex located in the Lyubertsy District, Moscow Region (12 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road) is designed to offer 11,000 pallet places for cargo storage and is equipped with modern loading machines and rack equipment. With the startup of the new warehouse in early 2008, TBN Logistic Group will be able to close its customer supply chain, meet its own needs in warehouse space and offer the whole range of custody and handling services to third-party companies at the highest quality level. Logistic Vision Suite will serve as a tool for managing warehousing operations and mutual settlements with customers.

In choosing a software product for warehouse management and a contractor for the project to deploy such product, TBN Logistic Group first of all assessed flexibility of the system, including the possibility to setup individual business processes for each customer within a minimum time by using the company’s own resources and the system built-on tools. Apart from the system characteristics, TBN Logistic Group also took into account the integrator’s experience in implementing large-scale WMS deployment projects in the Russian market. Based on the results of a competitive bidding, the company preferred Logistic Vision Suite as a system that not only meets all functional requirements for logistics business but also demonstrates its advantages in practice as it is currently successfully used by some Russian large-scale 3PL operators to manage their warehouse complexes.

“In developing a new warehouse complex project, we try to take into account both our own needs and those of a variety of potential customers,” said Dmitry Komarov, W2U Project Manager. “Therefore, we selected an automated warehouse management system very carefully as it must be flexible enough to be quickly and easily adjustable to different customer needs in cargo handling. Furthermore, the system should provide the fastest possible customer service and accurate accounting for the services performed to strengthen our competitive advantages and successfully develop our business. Our review of the WMSs currently available in the Russian market has shown that Logistic Vision Suite is the best choice.”

Under that project, ant Technologies will deploy a warehousing module named Warehouse Vision and an additional billing module as a tool to control all customer settlements and generate bills with maximum details by any warehousing operation and cargo unit. In addition, the company will also furnish the warehouse with Symbol Technologies wireless equipment and data collection terminals. ant Technologies will provide the whole range of services, including a review and optimization of warehouse business processes, configuration and setup of the WMS, setup of the data exchange interface of the customer corporate system, setup of the system to work with customers, training of the warehouse personnel.

About TBN Logistic Group:

TBN Logistic Group of Companies offers a full range of transport, shipping, and logistic services, providing high quality, reliable services at reasonable prices and optimal terms:

  • Development and calculation of transport systems that optimize profits;
  • Cargo storage and consolidation at transit warehouses in Europe in Germany, Finland, and Italy;
  • Regular shipment of 0.1 cubic meter cargo to euro-wagon volumes;
  • Export and import operations;
  • Consolidation of cargos during export and import operations;
  • Release of cargo from corresponding warehouses;
  • Delivery to the client's warehouse ;
  • Services related to cargo declaration with the provision of a full package of customs documents;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Information support related to cargo movement;
  • Logistic consulting.

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