Logistic Vision Suite to be Deployed at Kredos Warehouse


ant Technologies has started implementing a project to deploy an integrated solution based on Logistic Vision Suite at the warehousing complex of Kredos, one of the largest distributors for alcoholic drinks and beers in the Urals and Siberian region.

Established in 1996 in Ekaterinburg, that fast-growing wholesale distributor presently has direct contractual relations with leading manufacturers and importers of alcoholic and low-alcohol products and its own chain of retail stores.

The company’s dynamic development and aspiration to retain its regional leadership are faced with the growing competition. While high-quality delivery to customers is an important competitive advantage, it is also a source of costs. In an effort to optimize supply chains and reduce warehousing costs, the management has decided to automate warehousing logistics by introducing a professional WMS.

Kredos has held a competitive bidding to choose the supplier for a WMS solution. In selecting the system and integrator company, Kredos took into account a variety of indicators, including the proposed package of consulting services to optimize warehousing operations, availability of 24-hour technical support service, scalability of the solution and feedback from other customers of the supplier. ant Technologies has won the bidding with its Logistic Vision Suite based solution, which has been capable of meeting all the customer’s requirements.

The project to deploy Logistic Vision Suite for Kredos was unique and of interest in itself. The alcoholic business has some peculiarities such as the need to have certain certificates throughout the supply chain and the use of glass bottles, which contribute to the risk of defects in products. Furthermore, those products the company deals with differ in terms of storage and sale periods. All those factors have an impact on warehousing operations and cause the need for the WMS to have certain specific functions and settings. For example, it must support maintaining a list of certification documents and have sufficient functionality to accumulate information and generate reports to review warehousing losses such as those caused by defective products obtained from and returned to suppliers, warehousing-caused defects, shortages, etc.

The key goals and objectives pursued by Kredos and ant Technologies in implementing that project are as follows:

  • Reduce warehousing costs;
  • Ensure continuous provision of products with certification documents;
  • Improve staff productivity;
  • Increase the warehouse throughput;
  • Enhance the quality of order assembly;
  • Reduce time to prepare accompanying shipment documents; and
  • Arrange for accounting for and automated management of stocks of goods by bottling dates.

The project to deploy Logistic Vision Suite was launched in the last November. Under that project, ant Technologies will provide the whole package of services, including formalization of warehousing processes, drafting of requirements for system settings, creation of a protocol for data exchange between the warehouse management system and the enterprise management system, installation and setting of the software, and training of staff to operate the new system.

About Kredos:

Kredos (www.kredos.ru) has been successfully operating in the Mid Urals for as long as 14 years. Its initial strategic vector of development and self-perfection has enabled the company to grow both geographically and structurally in a sustainable way. As a result, Kredos is currently one of the leading wholesalers of alcoholic drinks and beers in the Sverdlovskaya Region.

The company has more than five trading teams exclusively working with various suppliers, warehousing complexes and its own car fleet.

The business of Kredos covers the whole range of delivery and promotional services for a wide array of alcoholic, beer and low-alcohol products, from the company’s warehouses to the customers’ retail stores, offered in due time and with the entire package of accompanying documents.

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