ant Technologies Unveils Initial Results of Use of Logistic Vision Suite at ABX Logistics’ Warehouse


ant Technologies, a leader in the Russian market for IT logistics solutions, and ABX Logistics, a logistics operator company, announced today the results of their joint project to deploy Logistic Vision Suite. The first months of operation of the new system at ABX Logistics’ warehouse shown a dramatic improvement in the quality of customer service and a more than two fold increase in the cargo traffic processed. 

ABX Logistics is a large-scale international transportation company with about 500 agencies in 35 countries all over the world. Since 1998, ABX Logistics has been operating in the CIS markets where it has established a uniform chain offering integrated carriage, customs clearance, storage and logistics services. It also has a 15,000-m2 European-class warehouse complex offering the whole range of safekeeping services in the close vicinity of the Moscow Ring Road. 

Given the fast-growing competition, the need to minimize costs and the wide variety of customer requirements, including those for fast cargo traffic across the supply chain, АВХ Logistics needed an optimum solution for the real-time management of all warehouses processes. Furthermore, the company also had to procure the rational use of its warehouse space, better turnover, and effective management of its warehouse resources. To address those needs, АВХ Logistics in the last fall launched a warehouse automation project and chose Logistic Vision Suite, which is promoted in Russia by ant Technologies, as the software platform for that project. 

Within the shortest possible timeframe and without interrupting the warehouse processes, ant Technologies has analyzed and optimized the logistics business processes, set up and put into operation Logistic Vision Suite, and resolved a variety of tasks related to individual customer requirements, including: 

  • Support for accounting requirements for product shelf lives, batches and production dates; 
  • Creation of customer product directories with the possibility to classify products by various parameters (net and gross weights, original pallet code, part number, title, quantity per pallet, quantity per box, etc.); 
  • Accounting for various types of pallet; 
  • Maximum weight control and maximum overall dimension control of cargoes in a particular cell; 
  • Ability to receive orders for shipments and expected arrivals in the automatic mode; 
  • Ability to make inventories with the generation of relevant documentation and to adjust the stock; 
  • Integration with the corporate ERP system; etc

“By using Logistic Vision Suite, we have got the maximum complete solution for such problems as the provision of sequence and control of assembled orders, assembly of orders by certain guaranteed time, ABC review and classification of part numbers based on the quantity of selection facts, preemptive replenishment of stock in the piece product area, handling of problem situations, profitability analysis of warehouse capacity utilization, and profitability analysis of both existing and potential customers,” said Arcady Selivanov, Director of ABX Logistics’ warehouse complex.

The uniform data space formed by the warehouse management system and the corporate system has speeded up data exchange among all participants in the warehouse processes and provided real-time access to data, which, in turn, made it possible for ABX Logistics to analyze and calculate its operating profitability and to optimize all of its warehouse processes. For example, a new technique of sequential use has been developed based on the review of the equipment operations – a development that has allowed increasing the traffic and volume of products processed while keeping the quantity of the equipment in use unchanged. 

“The new warehouse management system has helped us considerably improve our customer service primarily by preventing incomplete shipments and minimizing balance shipment and returned order costs,” Mr. Selivanov stressed. “The point-of-use storage technique has helped us enhance the accuracy of product quantity and location data up to 99.9% with full control over the product traffic. The right cargo placement strategies, compaction procedures and use of cells having different heights have helped dramatically improve the utilization of our warehouse space. Our review has shown the system is capable of markedly enhancing the effectiveness of our staff management and control. In particular, the time to perform all warehousing operations has been dramatically reduced, and the labor productivity increased by an average of 20-30%. The number of events where out staff were unable to locate a product at the warehouse has been reduced virtually to zero. There is still a lot of room for expanding the utilization of the system to its full capacity.” 

About ABX Logistics:

Operating in 100 countries worldwide (37 with own subsidiaries), and with a total staff of ~8,000 people, ABX Logistics ( is one of the world's leading transport and logistics service providers.

For over twenty years ABX Logistics has been organising Russia-bound shipments from a number of different European countries (originally under the name of Dubois International). Since 1994, when it opened its first agency in Russia, the company has gone from strength to strength, consolidating its position not only on the Russian market but also in the CIS.

Today ABX Logistics has two offices in Russia (in Moscow and in St. Petersburg) and outlets in Minsk (Belarus) and Kiev (Ukraine).

Throughout Russia and the CIS the company offers a broad range of transport and logistics services tailored to the specific nature of these markets.

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