ant Technologies, a leading player in the Russian market for supply chain management and optimization solutions, has announced that it had made a contract with ABX Logistics to automate its warehouse complex by using Logistic Vision Suite, a European WMS that becomes increasingly popular in Russia.

ABX Logistics ( is a large international transportation company having about 500 agencies in 35 countries all over the world. Since 1998, the company has been operating in the CIS markets where it has established a uniform network offering an integrated package of transportation, customs clearance, storage and logistic services. For example, it owns a 10,000-m2 European-class warehouse complex located in the immediate proximity from the Moscow Ring Road.

ABX Logistics’ warehouse complex offers a wide range of 3PL services, i.e. storage and handling services for third parties. The successful development of the company’s business is based on the full compliance with all requirements of its customers in terms of efficient processing of goods flows and the precise operation of the warehouse complex that is achieved, in particular, by using state-of-the-art information technologies. The increasing warehouse turnover, expansion of the clientele and increasingly different customer requirements for goods processing have led to a situation where the previous warehouse management system is no longer capable of ensuring efficient operation of all business processes. Furthermore, the company takes on a number of strategic tasks, including minimizing goods losses, achieving the rational use of the warehouse space, increasing the warehouse turnover and efficiently managing warehouse resources. All those factors have resulted in the company management deciding to introduce a new modern WMS and choosing ant Technologies as an adviser and contractor for the project.

Under the contract, ant Technologies will introduce an integrated, fully functional solution based on Logistic Vision Suite, a WMS that has already proved to be efficient in the 3PL market. The proposed solution includes a base system called Warehouse Vision, 20 user licenses, an add-on module called Warehouse Billing and all necessary hardware such as wireless access points, data collection terminals and barcode label printers.

Featuring a modern architecture and rich functionality, Logistic Vision Suite is capable of meeting the stringent requirements of 3PL operators. Not only Logistic Vision Suite intellectually controls all core warehousing operations (receiving, put-away, picking, packing, loading, etc.), but it also provides wide possibilities for simultaneously setting up individual business processes for each customer, taking account of all operations for each goods owner, establishing electronic document exchange with the customer’s ERP system, and generating analytical and management reports. The Warehouse Billing module supports the charge-by-pick concept, which makes it possible to pay for each pick-up by identifying any transaction by dimension type and billing the customer based on the actually performed scope of work. The customers of the warehouse are provided with accurate and timely reports on the warehousing operations performed on their goods, which makes the structure of logistic costs absolutely transparent to them.

ABX Logistics’ strategic plans include establishing a new warehouse complex having an area of 25,000 m2, a development that will open up even greater prospects for further co-operation between ABX Logistics and ant Technologies.

About ABX Logistics:

Operating in 100 countries worldwide (37 with own subsidiaries), and with a total staff of ~8,000 people, ABX Logistics is one of the world's leading transport and logistics service providers.

For over twenty years ABX Logistics has been organising Russia-bound shipments from a number of different European countries (originally under the name of Dubois International). Since 1994, when it opened its first agency in Russia, the company has gone from strength to strength, consolidating its position not only on the Russian market but also in the CIS.

Today ABX Logistics has two offices in Russia (in Moscow and in St. Petersburg) and outlets in Minsk (Belarus) and Kiev (Ukraine).

Throughout Russia and the CIS the company offers a broad range of transport and logistics services tailored to the specific nature of these markets.

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