ant Technologies to Participate in Efforts to Establish Moscow’s Largest Victorya Municipal Food Distribution Center


ant Technologies announced today that it began co-operating with the Victorya Municipal Distribution Center, one of the largest food wholesale complexes in Moscow. Under the co-operation agreement, ant Technologies will deploy Logistic Vision Suite in a 17,000-m2 dry climatized Class A terminal.

The agreement calls for the use of Logistic Vision Suite, a world-class warehouse management system designed to meet the higher standards of a modern logistics solution to be implemented for the new distribution center to achieve accuracy, high turnover, quality control of goods, business transparency and dramatically reduced operating costs. The experience in deploying Logistic Vision Suite in various market segments shows that its functionality can meet both the needs of a distribution business and those of a modern logistics operator offering professional storage and processing services for third parties. Those features of Logistic Vision Suite and its capability of addressing specific demands (availability of a low-temperature area, processing of perishable products, storage of various products such as domestic chemicals and foods in a single warehouse, etc.) have become the determinative factors in making it the system of choice for the Victorya MDC.

A municipally important business, Victorya Closed Joint Stock Company operates under a general agreement with the Department of Food Resources and has been certified by the Moscow City Government as a wholesale & distribution center. The project to establish a high-tech distribution center on the company’s premises is part of the State Target Program to Develop Food Wholesale in the City of Moscow in 2005-2007 approved by a resolution of the Moscow City Government. The first stage of the project was started in 2006. A Class A dry climatized warehouse capable of simultaneously accommodating up to 24,000 pallets at various storage temperatures was put into operation in April of 2008. The warehouse terminal offers the whole range of safekeeping and sorting services for third-party companies active in the Moscow food market. Now, with the first stage of the project already in operation, Victorya plans to build another Class A terminal having an area of 27,000-m2 and three buildings of a modern Wholesale Complex using the European technologies to be provided by Rungis, the world’s largest France-based wholesale complex.

At the current state of the project, ant Technologies will deploy the base module called Warehouse Vision and two additional modules called Logistics Billing and Logistics Link Manager. Logistics Billing, a billing system for mutually settling accounts with customers, will support the commercial activities of the warehouse, issue bills for various operations and generate detailed reports on the works performed. Logistics Link Manager, a convenient and flexible tool for setting up the data exchange interface, will help implement integration with the 1С accounting system. The software component of the project comprises 35 user licenses. The hardware component includes IBM servers, 25 Motorola (Symbol) data collection terminals, and three Zebra industrial label printers.

“We are grateful to Victorya for their confidence in us and are happy to participate in this large-scale project to establish a logistics center whose services will be in demand by the municipal authorities to meet its social needs as well as by those companies active in the Moscow food market,” said Alexander Usov, Director of ant Technologies. “Logistic Vision Suite has already proved itself to be an effective solution for Russian 3PL warehouses and distribution centers, and we are confident that we will be able to join our efforts to implement this project within the shortest possible timeframe and at low costs.”

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