ant Technologies to Increase Russian Supply Chain Efficiency with Vocollect Voice


Vocollect®, the leader in Voice-Directed Work, has partnered with ant Technologies in Russia to increase the distribution of Vocollect Voice in warehouses and distribution centres across the country. 

ant Technologies is authorised to distribute, deploy and support Vocollect’s full portfolio of products; including its durable belt-worn Talkman computers, rugged range of SR headsets, and the complete spectrum of supporting software solutions to run a fully functional Voice driven warehouse. ant Technologies has vast experience and understanding of the Russian warehouse and logistics automation market and was selected on its merit for being one of the leading industry providers for the logistics arena.

Vocollect is increasing its product availability to the Russian market in response to the rapid redevelopment and automation of the country’s distribution centre and logistics networks. This is in part due to the increased demand for consumer and luxury goods in recent years, as the region continues to benefit from a booming post-communism economy.

“Russia represents a major market opportunity for Vocollect. Its entire distribution network is under review as producers and distributors try to meet the increasing demand for products across the country,” explained Gary Glessner, Managing Director, Vocollect Europe. “ant Technologies is the perfect partner for Vocollect in the region. It is a long established and trusted provider of warehouse automation solutions in Russia and has the proven skills needed to integrate Vocollect Voice into new and existing customers’ warehouses.”

“The Vocollect Voice portfolio complements our own management solutions for warehouses and supply chains perfectly,” explained Alexander Usov, CEO, ant Technologies. “Vocollect will integrate easily with our own Logistic Vision Suite or any other WMS. We wholly support Vocollect’s initiative to move into the Russian market. Together, I am confident, that we will provide Russian logistics operators with a reliable solution that helps achieve high performance and efficiency benefits for their warehouse operations.”

Vocollect Voice makes it easier for warehouse operatives to carry out their day-to-day activities and is proven to increase warehouse productivity by up to 35 per cent and raise accuracy levels to an average 99.9per cent. 

Vocollect Voice enables the employee to communicate verbally with the central warehouse management system (WMS) and continue a two-way dialogue throughout the warehouse task; including put-away, replenishment, cross docking, cycle counting, order picking and so on. In addition to significantly increasing order accuracy and productivity, the software is multi-lingual and can be taught to recognise all dialects. This has major benefits in Russia where over 100 languages are spoken. Additionally, the hardware is worn on a belt, enabling the employee to use both hands to load and unload pallets, increasing efficiency and reducing the possibility of accidents. 

About Vocollect

Since 1987, Vocollect, Inc. has delivered proven performance improvements in productivity, accuracy, cost reduction and worker satisfaction for mobile employees. Vocollect Voice literally talks people through their daily tasks, replacing cumbersome lists and traditional data capture methods with hands-free, personal voice dialogs. Through a premier global network of certified resellers and supply chain performance experts, hundreds of thousands of people on six continents use Vocollect Voice to improve work every day. Vocollect is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.A., and supports its clients and resellers through offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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