ant Technologies to Automate Logistic Plus’ Warehouse in Ukraine


ant Technologies has announced the launch of a project to automate a new warehouse operated by Logistic Plus, a Ukraine-based 3PL company, with the use of the Logistic Vision Suite. That project will become the first one to deploy the WMS system in Ukraine.

Logistic Plus is part of a holding company that is the largest distributor of brand-name domestic chemicals, perfumeries, cosmetics and food products in Central Ukraine, including those manufactured by Unilever, Florena, Nivea, L'oreal, SC Johnson, Reckit Benckiser and GlaxoSmithKline.

Under the contract signed by ant Technologies and Logistic Plus, the Logistic Vision Suite will be deployed at the new Class A warehouse in Kiev having an area of 8,150 m2 and a capacity of 12,000 pallets.

Logistic Plus intends to use its warehouse premises to meet its own needs and to implement a development strategy for its logistics business and cargo safe custody and handling services offered to third-party companies. In this regard, the project will be primarily aimed at optimizing all key warehousing processes (such as receipt, identification, placement, storage, stock-taking, picking-up, packing and shipment of goods), ensuring that the existing warehouse premises are utilized in an efficient manner, providing complete management of the warehouse, minimizing the impact of the human factor and offering high-quality logistic services to customers.

Logistic Plus has chosen the Logistic Vision Suite mostly because of its versatility and easy adaptability to customer business processes, which make it possible to  automate 3PL and distributor operations with due regard for the needs to store and handle a variety of goods such as domestic chemicals and foodstuff at a single warehouse complex.

As part of the project, ant Technologies will deploy the Warehouse Vision, the central component of the Logistic Vision Suit, and develop and set up an interface for data exchange between the WMS and the customer’s Informa (Smart Goods) accounting system.

ant Technologies’ Training and Consulting Center will train Logistic Plus’ employees in using the new system at its own training classroom as well as at the warehouse complex.

About Logistic Plus:

Logistic Plus ( is part of a holding company that has been operating in the Ukrainian market for 12 years. Logistic Plus specializes in distributing FMCG goods in Central Ukraine. including Kiev and the Kiev Region, Cherkassy, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir and the related regions. The company’s business partners include Unilever, L'oreal, SC Johnson, Jonson&Jonson, Beiersdorf, Gillette, Duracell, Benckiser and GlaxoSmithKline.


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