ant Technologies signs contract with the largest in Kazakhstan logistics operator High Tech Logistic


ant Technologies and the largest Kazakhstan logistics operator High Tech Logistic announced the commencement of work on rollout of the Logistics Vision Suite at the customs and warehousing facilities of IKaR in Almaty Region.

In 2004, after spin-off of the Logistics Solutions Department of PILOT company into an individual business and establishment of ant Technologies, one more solution – the Logistics Vision Suite – was introduced to the Russian market in addition to the Radio Beacon WMS. The Logistics Vision Suite is an integrated solution designed to effectively solve tasks on warehouses and transport management.

The contract signed provides for rollout of Logistics Vision Suite at the first site of High Tech Logistic: the customs and warehousing facilities of IKaR in Almaty Region, with the total area of 35 thos. sq.m.

"Establishment of High Tech Logistic was caused by the desire to provide logistics services to the existing and emerging companies on the market of Kazakhstan”, Igor Bekrenev, General Director of High Tech Logistic says. “Experts of High Tech Logistic set the target to develop the company into a logistics operator that would provide services of the quality meeting the requirements of successful world and domestic companies. Our activities aim at ensuring qualitative service not only for cargo storage, but for all the steps of their logistical processing. We assign an important role in ensuring high quality of services to the information system. Therefore we have carried out profound analysis of products referring to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) category, as well as companies that provide services on implementation of such systems. As a result, we have chosen ant Technologies and Logistics Vision Suite solution.”

"Logistics Vision Suite is a powerful state-of-the-art solution, primarily designed for automation of logistics business processes of medium and large companies”, Maria Efimova, Director of ant Technologies says. “Object oriented architecture of Logistics Vision Suite based on Microsoft .NET platform allows to considerably reduce time of the system implementation project and get a flexible and cost-efficient solution”.

Within the next five years, High Tech Logistic plans to extend its operating spaces to be located throughout Kazakhstan up to 300 thos. sq.m.

About High Tech Logistic

High Tech Logistic is the largest logistics operator in Kazakhstan that provides the most complete range of logistics services to its customers. Experts of the company are able to solve tasks of any complexity, including ensuring comprehensive recording and tracking of a great number of goods parameters; fast cargo handling; and creation of warehousing conditions that are ideal for each type of products. High Tech Logistic may accept customer’s goods from the supplier, transport them to the warehouse, carry out customs clearance, provide necessary processing and deliver them to the final point of destination. Comprehensive logistics services are provided on the basis of the company’s own operating spaces. The first site of the company is the modern customs and warehousing facilities IKaR (35,000 sq.m). It is located in the Almaty Region at the first kilometer of Iliyskoye highway and has all necessary infrastructure.

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