ant Technologies Sets up its Representative Office in Ukraine


ant Technologies will set up a representative office in Kiev and begin aggressively promote its products and services in Ukraine.

The company has decided to enter the Ukrainian market for logistic services due to its high development rate with a stable demand for professional WMS systems. ant Technologies has recently obtained an exclusive right from Mantis International, its strategic partner, to deliver and deploy the Logistic Vision Suite in Ukraine. The company has been successfully implementing Logistic Vision Suite based projects in large Russian companies operating in various market sectors for several years. The unique features of the Logistic Vision Suite combined with ant Technologies’ extensive experience and expertise plus in-depth understanding of the market needs have helped the company to become a strong player in the Russian market.

“We believe the Ukrainian market has a huge potential, and the establishment of a local representative office is part of our long-term strategy to expand our geographic presence. We are going to actively build on our experience and resource base to come up with the best offering for professional warehouse automation services in Ukraine,” said Alexander Usov, Director at ant Technologies. “Not only do we intend to win a large share of the Ukrainian market for IT solutions for warehouse management in a very short time, but we are also willing to facilitate productive co-operation and long-term partnership relations with Ukrainian companies to address their logistic needs and make their business more efficient.”

ant Technologies has already launched its first project in Ukraine to deploy the Logistic Vision Suite at a warehouse of Unifood, the largest distributor of brand-name domestic chemicals, perfumeries, cosmetics and foodstuff in Central Ukraine. Furthermore, ant Technologies is currently holding negotiations with some other Ukrainian companies interested in the Logistic Vision Suite. Until recently, these activities have been co-ordinated by the company’s Moscow office. The top-priority goals of the Kiev office include expanding the company’s presence in the Ukrainian market, looking for new customers and partners, co-ordinating comprehensive projects in Ukraine and adapting the company’s solutions to the local market needs.

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