ant Technologies Presents Pick to Light as New Warehouse Management Solution


By entering into a partnership agreement with that European company, ant Technologies has been authorized to deliver the entire range of Pick to Light Systems products in Russia.

The Pick to Light solution expands ant Technologies’ portfolio of IT solutions in warehouse management and is designed to enhance the efficiency of logistic processes at warehouse complexes and distribution centers of any type and on industrial assembly lines. It is a digital pick-up system that makes paper documents unnecessary and allows electronically controlling all movements of goods at a warehouse. The key components of the system include light modules located near each storage cell, which are integrated with the WMS and are used to control the work of assemblers by assigning concrete operating tasks (such as specifying the place and quantity of goods to be picked up). The Pick to Light system allows picking up, sorting and inventory-taking operations to be performed in an efficient manner.

The Pick to Light system was first presented at the Warehouse Transport Logistics 2007 exhibition held at Expocenter in the period from October 2 through 5, 2007. It attracted a great interest from the participants and guests since the problems of goods movement process optimization and pick-up error prevention are currently very topical in the logistics market.

Pick to Light has a number of advantages over the conventional paper pick-up technique:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Minimized pick-up errors
  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster operations
  • Customizability
  • Real-time order status tracking
  • Shorter payback period

Pick to Light is compatible with any type of software, a feature that makes it possible to meet a variety of customer needs.

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