ant Technologies, PILOT group of companies, announces commencement of active promotion of Logistics Vision Suite that refers to the Supply Chain Execution category of products, on the Russian market.

At the end of 2004, based on the analysis of the Russian market demands, ant Technologies made a decision to extend its offerings portfolio by signing a partnership agreement with Mantis International, the developer of Logistics Vision Suite, the integrated software product referring to the Supply Chain Execution (SCE) category. It is a comprehensive solution designed for effective warehouses and transport management.

Upon completion of the project on the system localization and training of the company’s specialists, sales of Logistics Vision Suite started in Russia and the CIS countries in spring 2005. By the middle of 2005, two contracts for introduction of Logistics Vision Suite were concluded that are under implementation at present. From September 1 of the current year ant Technologies announces the commencement of active promotion of Logistics Vision Suite on the markets of Russia and the CIS countries.

"Logistics Vision Suite is a powerful state-of-the-art solution, primarily designed for automation of logistics business processes of large companies”, Maria Efimova, Director of ant Technologies says. “We are planning to sell about 10 projects on the basis of this product by the end 2006”.

Today, Logistics Vision Suite is used by about 100 companies, including Nestle, Cadbury s, Renault, Citroen, Opel, Sopharma, Georgia-Pacific and others. Logistics Vision Suite consists of four functional blocks that allow to the greatest extent possible to cover logistics processes of the companies specializing in various fields:

  • Warehouse Vision is the system core, a modern warehouse management system;
  • Transportation Vision is an extension of Warehouse Vision to manage and optimize goods distribution;
  • Inventory Vision is a demand forecasting and replenishment planning system. It allows to achieve and maintain the required level of service with minimum possible level of inventories;
  • Plant Vision is an innovative manufacturing execution system aiming at improvement of the plant’s efficiency as a whole.

"First of all, we will focus on promotion of Warehouse Vision and Transportation Vision, since the analysis of the market shows that it is the tasks of efficient warehouse management and goods distribution optimization that are the most critical for the majority of large Russian enterprises. The stable demand exists for such solutions”, Andrey Khaustov, Marketing Director of PILOT Group. “As to Inventory Vision and Plant Vision, we will carry out additional research within the next 6 months to get a clearer understanding of the problems and needs of the Russian market for these classes of products”.

Today, Logistics Vision Suite is the only system within its class, which is completely built on Microsoft.NET platform. Highly technological architecture of Logistics Vision Suite and rich functionality that, in particular, supports management of remote warehouses, allows to adapt the system to the present and future needs of the customers within a short time. Special industry solutions of Logistics Vision Suite for trade, manufacturing, transport enterprises and commercial warehouses (3PL), allow to quickly and successfully solve specific tasks typical for these segments of the market. Since efficiency of the logistics information system directly depends on its capability to be easily integrated with the external systems, Logistics Vision Suite has interfaces with many well-known ERP systems, including SAP, JD Edwards and Navision.

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