ant Technologies has automated the warehouse of logistics operator UniTrans Logistic


ant Technologies, a leader of the Russian market of Supply Chain Management and optimization solutions, has completed the project for introduction of the Logistic Vision Suite – Warehouse Vision system at the warehouse of logistics operator UniTrans Logistic.

UniTrans Logistic is a young but well-known company in the market of class A, A+ warehouse operators. Currently the company provides services for such customers as Eldorado, Mitsui-Ricoh, Gallina Blanca, DC Avalon, TestRide Rus, Amway, Happy Land, etc. At present the company boasts simultaneous storage capacities of 55,000 pallet/places, work is underway to create a subsidiary network of the company in the Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg.


When selecting the solution and the project contractor, UniTrans Logistic held a tender and considered several warehouse automation proposals based on different WMS systems available on the Russian market. The customer took into account such factors as comprehensiveness and adaptability of the system for use in the area of commercial logistics, experience and prominence of the company in the warehouse logistics automation market, price/functionality ratio of the solution, ease and low cost of the system ownership. The solution of ant Technologies based on the Logistic Vision Suite supply chain management system by Greek vendor Mantis most fully met all the requirements set.  

Within the project ant Technologies’ specialists automated the operation of UniTrans Logistic’s warehouse complex measuring 30,000sqmand having a capacity of 55,000 pallet/places. The introduction of the Logistic Vision Suite system was accompanied by configuring the extensive logistics process management functions, including:

  • product flow management using different units of measure, storage systems and flow strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, BBD - best before day);
  • configuring and reservation of warehouse space tailored to for every customer;
  • keeping of a product reference guide broken down by product owner;
  • support of supervisor functions: inventory, adjustment of stock, screening mode, commodity stock blocking for quality control, etc.;
  • management of data exchange (import\export) with the customer’s corporate system;
  • possibility of reconfiguring the standard acceptance, placement, transfer, replenishment, selection, repacking, shipment processes to meet the customer's requirements;
  • management of the business processes of selected orders consolidation, sorting , verification, etc.;
  • possibility of generating a large number of standard reports and of developing customer reports.

Moreover, an additional billing module was installed adjustable to the specific nature of every customer. The billing system enables billing for various product placement, transfer, replenishment, selection, packing, shipment operations. Thus, the realization of the billing functionality affords the customer an opportunity to have complete control over all client settlements and to generate bills with the maximum level of detail for any warehousing operations and product items.

Throughout the warehouse area a Wi-Fi network on the basis of Symbol Technologies equipment is deployed, wireless terminals and Zebra label printers have been set up and installed.

At the final stage of the project a comprehensive training of dispatchers and administrators for the new warehouse complex was provided at ant Technologies’ Training and Consulting Center as well as field training of the rest of the company’s technical personnel. After the commissioning of the Logistic Vision Suite, ant Technologies provides complete technical support of the system.

“The introduction of a state-of-the-art WMS-system allows us to ensure even higher quality of service for our customers, which is our major task,” Alexander Semenovich Klimov, Executive Director of UniTrans Logistic, points out. “Thanks to the efficient work and professionalism of ant Technologies’ introduction team not only did we manage to reach full mutual understanding throughout the entire project but also to seamlessly commission the system .”

As a result of the project’s implementation UniTrans Logistic received multi-functional management tools which will provide for a substantial increase in personnel productivity, effective and economic utilization of specialized warehousing equipment and space, reduction in the cost of product storage and handling. The company’s Management will be able to receive complete information on the warehouse operation in real time which will enable efficient management of the company's business.

About UniTrans Logistic

UniTrans Logistic Ltd. was established in 2005. Although young, the company is recognizable and well-known in the market of class A, A+ warehouse operators. Currently the company provides services for such customers as: Eldorado, Mitsui-Ricoh, Gallina Blanca, DC Avalon, TestRide Rus, Amway, Happy Land, etc. Already today, the company boasts simultaneous storage capacities of 55,000 pallet places, work is underway to create a subsidiary network of the company in the Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg. Measures are being taken to expand the list of logistics services provided.

The main objective of the company is to create an efficiently running National 3PL logistics operator – provider of comprehensive logistics services (design, organization and efficient management of supply chains on the basis of customer requirements using advanced business and information technologies in the area of logistics, deadline: by QIV of 2009).

WMS Logistics Vision Suite

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