ant Technologies Expands Its Portfolio of Logistics Management Solutions


ant Technologies unveils Inventory Vision, a new logistics solution designed to forecast sales, plan replenishment efforts and supplement the company’s existing portfolio of supply chain management solutions.

The new solution has been developed based on Syncron DF&RP (Demand Forecasting & Replenishment Planning), a foreign system that constitutes a powerful planning tool for accurate demand forecasting, stock replenishment optimization, realistic production planning and monitoring of goods flows throughout the supply chain. Efficient stock management is an essential condition in today’s quickly changing market environment. A limited stock could result in a degraded quality of customer service, while an excessive stock may indicate an inefficient use of the working capital and may result in the goods becoming obsolete. The proposed decision uses data from the ERP system to forecast sales and demand levels and generate stock replenishment orders, thereby allowing enhancing the existing service level and balancing stock volumes.

Inventory Vision belongs to the Logistic Vision Suite family of supply chain management products and consists of a demand forecasting module, a stock replenishment planning module, a simulation module and a reporting system. The demand forecasting module is a tool featuring a set of specific functions enabling users to analyze complex demand structures, identify and respond to changes and make short-, mid- and long-term forecasts. That module provides reliable forecasting of various types of demand (active, deferred, unstable, etc.) by using most suitable state-of-the-art forecasting methods for each phase. The system is also capable of efficiently responding to external impacts on the demand nature, including sale promotion and new product launch measures with minimum human participation.

The stock replenishment planning module determines the necessary reserve stock based on the target customer service level requirements, delivery period and stock replenishment regularity by using advanced stock optimization methods. Based on forecasts of demand, warranty stock, current stock and expected and delayed orders, the system automatically generates recommendations for stock replenishment needs. Based on the calculated level of repeated orders, applications are compiled in line with the generated recommendations for orders, which applications may be limited at the next stage by the shelf life of goods or the supplier/manufacturer’s requirements for the minimum volume of orders placed. Inventory Vision also allows assessing the efficiency of suppliers’ operations and taking measures to prevent any delay in deliveries from affecting the quality of services provided to end users.

Thus, Inventory Vision enables companies to strengthen their competitive advantages and improve their market positions by:

  • Increasing their sales;
  • Achieving a strategic service level;
  • Reducing storage costs;
  • Increasing turnover; and
  • Enhancing efficiency when interacting with their suppliers.

“We strive to respond adequately to the market demand by offering new solutions based on the international best practices, Russian specifics and our expert assessments,” said Alexander Usov, ant Technologies’ CEO. “The decision to launch this product is backed by our experience that has shown it is highly demanded by Russian companies in various industries, including manufacture, distribution, retail, maintenance service, etc. Our new solution will enable our customers to guarantee timely delivery of goods to the necessary place in the necessary quantity in any circumstances.”

What is unique about that solution is the fact that any changes in the consumer demand structure or delivery opportunities are revealed by the system at an early stage, which makes it possible to take the necessary corrective measures. The unique features of the product have already been appreciated by a large audience of foreign users, including Electrolux (Germany/Italy), VW Group (UK), Technocar-SEAT (Greece), Bang & Olufsen (Sweden), Coca Cola (Scandinavian divisions), Gillette (United States), Lego System (Denmark), Knorr Best Foods Ltd. (Ireland), etc. Syncron systems are currently used by over 300 mid- and large-scale businesses all over the world.

Since the new solution is part of the Logistic Vision Suite product family, it can be quickly deployed and integrated with Warehouse Vision and other modules of Logistic Vision Suite and with customers’ ERP systems.

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