ant Technologies Deploys Logistic Vision Suite at Voronezh Logistic Company’s New Warehouse


ant Technologies has launched a new 3PL project to automate the logistic facility operated by Voronezh Logistic Company under the trademark “Direct Logistics.” The first Class A logistic center in the Voronezh Region will be managed by Logistic Vision Suite.

Established in 2006, Voronezh Logistic Company is currently constructing the Region’s first Class A logistic facility in the Ramon District of the Voronezh Region, on the Don Federal Highway, to address the deficit of warehouse space in the Region. Scheduled for completion by 2010-2011, the project will comprise a total of 100,000 m2 of warehouse and auxiliary premises.
As part of that project, ant Technologies will automate and put into operation in Q3 2008 the center’s first complex having an area of 21,000-m2.

Since Voronezh Logistic Company plans to offer the whole range of cargo safe custody, handling and delivery services, its logistics center must meet the highest standards of quality of customer service and satisfy the market demand. Furthermore, the company is going to ensure that its warehouse premises are used in an efficient manner and optimize its cargo handling costs. The company’s management has, therefore, decided to equip the warehouse complex with a professional management system and paid much attention to choosing the WMS solution and deployment partner.
Since Voronezh Logistic Company has chosen ant Technologies and the Logistic Vision Suite, a product that ant Technologies promotes in the Russian market, based on the results of a competitive bidding. Such a choice is explained by the fact that ant Technologies has extensive competencies in 3PL warehouse automation and the Logistic Vision Suite is successfully used by leading Russian 3PL operators. Apart from that, Voronezh Logistic Company wanted the shortest possible term of deployment and the ability to provide technical support for the WMS by its own effort. The Logistic Vision Suite’s modern architecture allows flexible customization to meet a variety of warehouse customer requirements without the involvement of an integrator, thereby minimizing the cost of ownership of the WMS.

ant Technologies will deploy the core warehouse management system Warehouse Vision, a component of the Logistic Vision Suite family, at Voronezh Logistic Company’s facility. The next project stage will deploy the billing module Logistics Billing, a component designed to individually bill each of the warehouse customers for the services provided. ant Technologies also plans to integrate Logistic Vision Suite with the customer’s accounting system 1С.

About Voronezh Logistic Company:

About Voronezh Logistic Company LLC ( is constructing the first Class A logistic park in Voronezh. The first site of the warehouse complex will have an area of 22,200 m². The facility will be located four kilometers from Voronezh, on the M4 Don Federal Highway, in a close proximity to the local airport.

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