ant Technologies Completes Automation of Henkel’s Warehouse Based on Logistic Vision Suite


ant Technologies announces successful completion of the automation project at Henkel’s warehousing facility. The project is based on Logistics Vision Suite warehouse management system.

Henkel, a Fortune 500 company, launched its operations in Russia in 1993 and has become a leading manufacturer of detergents, cosmetics, toiletries, and industrial and household adhesives in the Russian market. Henkel operates several production subsidiaries in Russia, including a factory in Engels, Saratov Region, whose warehousing complex is now equipped with Logistic Vision Suite.

The warehouse is used for the Engels factory’s finished products (adhesives, enamels, paints, coatings, varnishes etc.) and supplies. The warehouse processes include product marking.

Originally, the plant’s warehousing operations were paper-based, but the growth of production, goods turnover, and storage activities called for modernisation of order picking and shipping processes. In order to improve the speed and accuracy of order handling and to control its warehousing activities more efficiently, Henkel’s management decided to computerise all operations using Logistic Vision Suite, a modern IT system offered by ant Technologies.

Henkel thoroughly compared available WMS solutions and chose Logistic Vision Suite for its flexibility, functionality, quick adaptation to customer requirements, and ease of integration with ERP systems.

Roll-out of Logistic Vision Suite in Henkel’s warehousing facility resulted in automation of such business processes as acceptance and storage of supplies and finished products, shipping of products to customers, and feeding of materials based on selected attributes (batch number, expiry date, etc.). ant Technologies implemented all functionalities requested by Henkel, including batch-based stocktaking, FIFO algorithm in batch management, storage time and conditions control, use of various allocation schemes, inventory taking, customized packaging, and real-time inventory reporting.

The warehouse automation project was carried out in four stages. The initial stage consisted in analysis and formalisation of internal warehouse processes and specification of system requirements. Next, ant Technologies installed Warehouse Vision, the central software module of Logistic Vision Suite, and set up an interface for data exchange between the WMS and the customer’s SAP R/3 system. Finally, ant Technologies’ instructors conducted on-site training for Henkel’ employees.

About Henkel:

Henkel is a leader in the field of technologies and products designed to make our life easier, more comfortable and better. A Fortune 500 company, Henkel focuses on the following three areas: detergents and cleaners, cosmetics and personal . A Fortune 500 company, Henkel focuses on the following three areas: detergents and cleaners, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, as well as adhesives and technologies. In the 2006 fiscal year, the company’s sales totaled €12.7 billion. Henkel has over 50,000 employees all over the world. People in 125 countries around the globe trust in products and technologies from Henkel.

In Russia, Henkel manufactures and sells detergents and cleaners (Persil, Pril, Bref, Vernel, Pemolux, Pemos, Lasks, Deni and Losk), cosmetics and personal hygiene products (Fa, Taft, Schauma, Gliss Kur, Diademine, Palette, got2b, Brillance, IGORA System, Natural Styling, Bonacure, OSiS, Seah, Silhouette and Indola), as well as adhesives and technologies (Moment, Metylan, Pritt, Ceresit, Thomsit, Makroflex, Teroson, Liofol, Dorus, Technomelt, Optal, Loctite and P3).

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