ant Technologies celebrates the 15 years’ experience of warehouse logistics automation


This year ant Technologies celebrates a 15 years anniversary. Alexander Usov, the Head of ant Technologies Company, told about industry-leading position on the competitive market.

  • What was the market at the time when ant Technologies started operating?Usov Alexander, the Head of ant Technologies Company

Ant Technologies was established in 2003. At the beginning of activity the company aimed to provide a high quality service in the sphere of warehouse logistics automation. At that time logistic sphere was just beginning to shape market demands to the information systems. We had to discover the market requirements and determine our abilities in providing innovative and viable solutions and services.  

When the first 12 projects were realized we decided to concentrate our competencies on the main product which, in our opinion, meets the customers’ needs absolutely. 

Current state of warehouse logistics and the requirements for information systems were different from contemporary norms. There weren’t single general well-established requirements to technological aspects, standards of packaging. 

  • Why have you chosen Logistics Vision Suite like the main system of the company strategy implementation?

WMS Logistics Vision Suite has been chosen in 2005 and has met all our needs. It allows to modify business logic to fit customer needs on the particular warehouse and, moreover, allows to perform customizations dependent on various bailors or commodity groups and  their characteristics, distribution channels.

At the same time, providing the flexible possibilities of adapting, WMS Logistics Vision Suite supports the common core of the system, providing logistics data integrity, broad platform for management by attributes and qualities of the goods, stock, warehouse operations, high productivity, scalability. 

  • Are your customers satisfied with your activities performance?

Due to the circumstances the first Logistics Vision Suite implementation has been realized in Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata. During the project implementation we had to take into account the process features of the largest logistics operator and requirements of local legislation for document management, have integrated Logistics Vision Suite with bailor’ accounting systems. 

Then we have had implementations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Estonia. Each time Logistics Vision Suite demonstrated a great flexibility, advanced functionality, developed tools, high performance and adaptability. 

  • What guarantees does ant Technologies give to its customers? 

ant Technologies pays big attention to the customer integrated support. The Technical Support Division provides support for 24 hours a day, seven days a week with reaction time which is not exceeding more than 30 minutes on critical requests. We try to solve all customer requests promptly.

The important part of ant Technologies activity is experts training for system administration. We have organized Education Centre like separate department equipped with training room, modern warehouse technologies. Education Centre gives actual knowledge and skills to our students for using Logistics Vision Suite. 

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