Ant Technologies and O.T.S. Automate Warehouse for OOO Logistics Express


Ant Technologies and its Ukrainian partner O.T.S. have completed a joint project to automate the warehouse complex of OOO Logistics Express, a Ukrainian logistics company. Automation of the warehouse complex was achieved through deployment of Logistics Vision Suite, a family of software products from the European developer Mantis Informatics S.A., for integrated management of business processes across the entire supply chain.

“The key challenge when we were launching this project was to choose a warehouse management system. OOO Logistics Express is an innovative 3PL operator, which needs to be able to provide the highest level of logistics services available in Ukraine. The quality of our services is the basis for our plan to achieve market leadership here within ten years. It’s obvious that you can’t talk about service quality without a warehouse management system; the capabilities and level of services of a 3PL operator directly depend, essentially, on the functions and convenience of its WMS. For this reason, we put a lot of thought into choosing which system to deploy, looking in detail at over 30 systems offered by different VAR. The upshot was that we chose the team of O.T.S. and ant Technologies, which markets the Logistics Vision Suite WMS system,” says Alexander Bilyk, the director of Logistics Express.

The criteria which led to the choice of the Logistics Vision Suite WMS were optimal functions-to-cost-of-implementation and functions-to-cost-of-technical-support ratios, the short period of time required to implement the system for 3PL warehouses, and ease of integration with various business applications.

The project included set-up of the basic warehouse management system Warehouse Vision, part of the Logistics Vision Suite family. This system supports all current warehouse operations and technologies, from taking delivery and slotting of goods, to picking and shipping them from the warehouse. The functions of the basic solution were augmented with the billing module Logistics Billing for organizing financial settlements with customers, as well as the Value Added Services (VAS) module, which provides a broad range of additional services, such as sorting by orders for batch picking. The project achieved an especially urgent objective for Logistics Express, namely, integration of the WMS with customers’ corporate ERP systems, which enables customers to work with their goods directly from their own places of work. In addition, during implementation of this project the warehouse acquired the relevant server and network equipment, as well as fixed and mobile workstations.

Warehouse workers received basic training in working with the WMS system through the O.T.S. training center. After completion of the primary implementation stage, training was continued directly on-site at their workstations.

At this time, the Logistics Express WMS has completed testing and is fully operational.

Alexander Bilyk: “The project was successfully completed. We are already attracting new customers because of the quality of the basic and additional services we offer with the Logistics Vision Suite WMS. Although our company was founded in 2008, and although the economic situation is difficult, we have been able to bring 7 new customers into our logistics facility. They have over 8,000 different products, and more than one million items, warehoused with us.”

About OOO Logistics Express:
Logistics Express was established in September 2008 to provide high-quality logistics services to manufacturers and trading companies, as well as their representative offices in Ukraine.

About O.T.S.:
O.T.S. is one of the Ukrainian market’s leading providers of integrated automation solutions for enterprises and organizations. The company specializes in the development and implementation of integrated information technology projects for corporate customers. 

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