Do you remember that year when Santa left you clothes under the tree instead of the toy you asked for?


Do you remember that year when Santa left you clothes under the tree instead of the toy you asked for?

Actually, it was not because you behaved badly that year. Today we can tell you that it was actually due to a picking error. Yes, your toy ended up under the wrong tree and another girl or boy was able to enjoy it.

Picking processes are the key factor in all logistics. If that simple operation is processed incorrectly, all the investment in the warehouse (building, shelves, conveyors, forklifts, etc.) will have been of no use and neither will all the spending on stockpiling. The order has been delivered incorrectly.

At that time Santa's Elves did not have a Pick To Light system. So there was always room for error. "Lucky girl or boy who got my Scalextric instead of the underwear that I got," said a colleague.

A few years ago, Santa and Rudolph got together to analyse and put an end to this problem. The best option: to invest in a pick to light system. Since then the error rate has plummeted to zero and all children receive their gifts correctly and on time. 

Today the little Elves pick the gifts in record time, and they are also able to pick any last-minute gifts. And most importantly, without any errors.

Thank you Santa for the gifts and thank you Pick To Light Systems for making sure that every child receives their gift.

Pick To Light Systems wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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Склад "Метро Груп Логистикс" работает под управлением WMS Logistics Vision Suite & Vocollect Voice


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