Bultartabak Trading selected Mantis’ specialized logistics solution for the tobacco industry


Bulgartabak Trading is the leading producer and distributor of tobacco products in Bulgaria having also international presence in over 25 countries in 3 continents.

Bulgartabak Trading, the trading arm of Bulgartabac’s group, in order to support its demanding supply chain organization and an aggressive expansion plan, decided to implement Mantis’ specialized Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) solution for the tobacco industry across central and all regional distribution centers in Bulgaria.

Mantis’ solution is based on its flagship Logistics Vision software suite (LVSplus) that along with Pick-to-Light, Pick-to-Cart and other affordable warehouse automation systems provide an integrated turn-key WMS solution for the tobacco industry.

Such solution manages and optimizes the warehousing and distribution of all tobacco and other complementary products (confectionary, etc.) at both central and regional / local levels covering the needs of the thousands of the retail outlets.

"The choice of Mantis’ specialized warehouse management solution for the tobacco industry along with the high quality implementation services offered by Storactlog, Mantis’ partner in Bulgaria, were the two critical factors for our decision" was quoted by the management of Bulgartabak Trading.

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