Unique IT Solution Implemented at the Eurosib-Terminal Shushary Distriport


Ant Technologies has completed the development and implementation of an integrated IT-based management solution for Eurosib-Terminal Shushary distriport. This is the first container terminal management project completed by ant Technologies, and it makes use of a new approach of integrated management and interaction of the warehouse and the container site, using a single software product Logistic Vision Suite.

Eurosib-Terminal, a subsidiary of the transport & logistic division of the Eurosib Group, provides container and terminal operator services. One of the leading logistics & transportation businesses in Russia, Eurosib Group has been operating in the international transport logistics market since 1992. As a freight forwarder Eurosib Group carries goods within Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, and others.

Eurosib-Terminal Shushary distriport (total area - 16 hectares) consists of container yard (4 hectares), "A" class warehouse (20 000 m2), unheated warehouse (10 000 m2).

“We were looking for a software product that would allow us to manage the entire container terminal, including warehouses, the container site, and the open space storage site. We chose to go with Logistic Vision Suite because it is sufficiently flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of the terminal operator,” said the Eurosib-Terminal’s Head of Information Technologies Department Valery Palchik.

The baseline model for the Eurosib Shushary system was Container Vision, a specialized industry solution based on Logistic Vision Suite, successfully operating at the Greek port of Akarport. Jointly developed by ant Technologies experts and the company’s business partner Mantis, the solution is a Multimodal Terminal Management System, which plans and manages client requests, container reception, put-away, storage and shipping in accordance with the terminal’s customers’ service request requirements, and manages the full spectrum of warehouse operations. The solution also includes the following components, all fully integrated with the main system: a Request Management Module, a Gate Management Module that manages rail and road transport incoming for container loading and unloading, and a billing system that generates detailed reports of services provided and downloads the necessary data into the ERP system.

The system’s functionality provides ample capabilities for:

  • location tracking for containers on the site;
  • determining an optimal storage location for a container;
  • managing container picking from deep inside a stack (by digging);
  • managing tasks directed to machinery operators and warehouse stock clerks;
  • managing machinery movement;
  • inventory-taking;
  • managing operations of logistical integration with warehouses (restuffing, stuffing, unstuffing of the containers);
  • generating reports on cargo ownership, container attributes, container operations, etc., using a built-in report generator;
  • printing a set of shipping documents, statements and waybills.

Within the framework of the project, interfaces were developed and the Logistic Vision Suite was integrated into the information system of Eurosib.

Joint effort in the project between Eurosib-Terminal and ant Technologies experts allowed business processes of the container terminal to be optimized and a complete procedure for their automation to be developed. There are plans to replicate the developed solution for implementation at other terminals of the network. System implementation at the Eurosib-Terminal Novosibirsk is planned for the near future.

“In the course of implementation we had to face new challenges and develop new technological solutions, which provided us with invaluable experience and confirmed the unlimited capabilities of Logistic Vision Suite and its ability to satisfy the most rigorous demands of our clients,” said ant Technologies’ General Director Aleksandr Usov. “We are now ready to offer to the market a complete field-tested solution for container terminal management, a solution that combines the functionality for managing basic operations, and a highly developed toolkit for customizing the solution to meet the specific needs of a particular client”.

About Eurosib:

One of the leading logistics & transportation businesses in Russia, Eurosib Group has been operating in the international transport logistics market since 1992. As a freight forwarder Eurosib Group carries goods within Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, and others.

The company is engaged in shipping, handling, warehousing and distribution of general cargo (including oversized and extra-weight loads), bulk cargo (including minerals, chemical products and metal industry products); shipping of car kits and car components, paper and cardboard; containerized cargo. The company manages a fleet of 11 800 wagons, which is made up of covered wagons, minerals wagons, open-top wagons, timber flat wagons, rail tankers, woodchip wagons and multi-purpose flat wagons.

Eurosib Group provides third-party logistics (3PL) services to its clients in Russia, the countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe. The Group is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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